Recreational Classes

New Students

If you have never been a member of Riverside Gymnastics before, please register as a new student.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We’re so excited to see you at Riverside!

Existing Students

If you have been enrolled in classes at Riverside Gymnastics since 2016 and have taken a break, please give us a call so we can reactivate your account.

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Welcome to our class list! We are currently open for enrollment. If we don’t have a spot in a specific class, please put your child on the waitlist, and we will contact you as soon as we have a spot open. If your child has had prior gymnastics experience and you are unsure which class to register for, feel free to contact the office and we can schedule an evaluation.

Beginner 1 Girls

5-12 years old

Our Beginner 1 Girls classes are 55 minute weekly classes. They are designed to build fundamental gymnastics skills for young gymnasts to have a strong foundation for progression. No gymnastics experience required! If you are looking for an entry level gymnastics class, this is it.

Beginner 2 Girls

5-12 years old

Our Beginner 2 Girls classes are 55 minute weekly classes. After completing the required beginner 1 skills, gymnasts are ready to move up to the Beginner 2 level! Beginner 2 takes the foundational skill learned in beginner 1 and builds on them.

Intermediate Girls

5+ years old

Our Intermediate Girls classes are 70 minute weekly classes. The next step in our recreation gymnastics progression after beginner 2, these classes continue to advance kids to harder skills, while still keeping fresh the core principles of gymnastics. Completion of beginner 2 level required.

Advanced Girls

5+ years old

Our Advanced Girls classes are 85 minute twice a week classes and the highest level in our recreational gymnastics program. Gymnasts work more independently, working toward competitive team readiness and pre-team skills. Completion of Intermediate level required.

Boys Gymnastics

5-13 years old

Our Boys Gymnastics classes are 55 minute weekly classes. These classes teach beginner through intermediate gymnastics skills. With strong fundamentals in flexibility, coordination and strength, our boys classes not only build a foundation for gymnastics, but also prepare them for future sports. No gymnastics experience required, this is an entry level class.


3-4 years old

Our Preschool classes are 40 minute weekly classes. These classes are designed to have toddlers ages 3-4 learn fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun and age-appropriate environment. Gymnasts are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and skill building exercises to prepare them for our beginner 1 level or boys gymnastics. 

Teen Tumbling

12+ years old

We are excited to announce a new Tumbling class coming soon to Riverside! This class will be geared towards 12 years and older. Our coaches are ready to work with all students to progress their skills, no matter their level.

If you are interested in taking this class, please contact the office. The start date of this class will depend on the response we get and how soon we can fill it.


Riverside staff work hard to ensure student safety. All reasonable care will be taken to prevent accidents; however, there are risks involved with the sport of gymnastics. In the event of an injury, a parent or guardian will be notified, as listed on the registration form. All students must have a signed waiver on file, so please keep your contact information current and notify us as changes occur.


Riverside is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, offering a variety of scholarship opportunities to our members and children with financial needs, including tuition assistance, character and athletic performance recognition. You can apply for a scholarship here. Contact the office for more information.