RGA Financial Assistance and Scholarships Policy

Riverside Gymnastics Academy’s mission is building character through the sport of gymnastics. RGA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to our members and children including tuition assistance and character and athletic performance recognition.

At RGA, we recognize the unique fitness characteristics and benefits that the sport of gymnastics provides to children of all ages and abilities. In addition, we recognize the unique opportunity we have to serve our children is built upon the efforts of generations before us and continued support from the community. This is our opportunity to return some of that success.

We recognize three needs:

Community support

  • Objective: To support RGA’s 501(c)3 community commitment, specifically, by providing support to children with a desire to do gymnastics.

Member support

  • Objective: Attainment of RGA and team goals is best achieved by stability in our classes and teams. These scholarships are to bridge temporary disruptions in a member’s financial situation due to job loss, medical emergencies, etc.

Outstanding performance support

  • Objective: To support RGA’s tradition of artistic gymnastics excellence and character at the highest levels.

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